Meet The Team

Lover of adrenaline sports and survival adventures. There is not a better place to relax than hang somewhere in the middle of nowhere on mountain's wall with a pack of warm MRE with a few great friends. Secured with a rope and wait for the morning.

Aaron RathyOwner

Survival expert and editor of ours blog. Professional tracker and primitive weapons expert. Founder of Great Woods Survival with more than 10+ years of survival experience. Author of SHTF and Ultimate Survival, and Mind as survival gear.

Kelly StoneSurvivalist

The author of several Amazon best-selling manuals on survival and weaponology. Military expert, archer, hunter, and marksman. Owner and instructor of The Off The Grid School. Six years of service in the US Army, an invaluable addition to our team.

Chris DaveNavy Seal

Tim as a professional climber and mountaineer have a broad range of skills in protection, risk assessment, firearms, security, private investigations, and emergency management. His special forces background played here a great role.

Tim BomClimber

Some Perks


Sefl-stable food known as military mre. Without MREs, all our adventures would be just a pain, behind all our achievment is a healthy diet which is difficult to keep it within some harsh conditions. However, with self-heated MREs ration every our journey to the unknown is much easier with great moral boost.

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1300XT is an excellent product, originally designed for soldiers in the battlefield. However, 1300XT was discovered by adventure seekers, not only because of the package toughness but also great homemade style taste. Every package contains enough calories and many flavors for one person for one day. The best thing of all, the ration is self-heated, there is no need for open fire to have a warm homemade meal.

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Our Skills

Danger 80%
Safety 40%
Survival 90%
Sociality 50%
Self-esteem 80%

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